Toro Mata is a traditional Afro-Peruvian piece.  I was constantly coming up with new ideas, for the arrangement.  This one might help, with some explaining.


Many live performances of Peruvian music begin with a guitar cadenza.  I used that influence, to play the melody and some light accompaniment rubato (out of tempo).  Once through the melody and I moved onto the bass line, beginning slowly.


Soon in and I start tapping the bass line with my left hand, while playing the cajón part with my right hand.  Here’s the notation for the bass line and the cajón pattern:

Double Tapping

After this intro, I perform the melody.  I’m continuing to tap the bass line, while adding the melody in the other hand.

Slap that Bass

Continuing with my goal to use slap with improvising, I slap the entire solo and finish with slapping the bass line.  Here’s the end of the slap solo.  This lick was fun to play.


The tune continues with shorter recaps, and then onto the Coda.  At the end of the melody , I begin with a 2 – 3 clave for a moment.  Then I jump into a two hand tapping electric bass guitar montuno.  This was my first montuno, for two hands on bass.  Check out the notation below.